Stop hunting for WiFi HotSpots!
Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere arround the World!

WINK Mi-Fi embodies the perfection of your travel moments by always connecting online, affordable DayPass options and can be used wherever you want to go to facilitate your internet access abroad without worry.


How to Rent / Sell

How to Rent / Sell

Order your Wink Pocket WiFi before you go

Give us your travel dates, choose your data plan and pay.

Get your Wink Pocket WiFi

We will delivery the device or you can pickup it from our stop point.

Turn on and enjoy unlimited internet

Our pocket wifi will generate a private WiFi network and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Return Wink Pocket WiFi

Simply send the device back or we will pickup the device.

Coverage & Pricing

Wink Pocket WiFi is available in about 99+ Countries!
Enjoy affordable price of Wink Pocket WiFi here:



Rp. 90,000

South Korea

Rp. 60,000


Rp. 60,000


Rp. 60,000


Rp. 42,000


Rp. 60,000



Rp. 110,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 107,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 99,000

United Kingdom

Rp. 107,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 99,000


Rp. 107,000


Rp. 110,000


Rp. 107,000



Rp. 107,000


Rp. 110,000

South Africa

Rp. 130,000


United States

Rp. 100,000


Rp. 100,000



Rp. 127,000


Rp. 127,000


Rp. 130,000



Rp. 99,000

New Zealand

Rp. 100,000

Rental Fee

For Rental of Wink Pocket WiFi!
Renters will be charged for Rental Fee as follow below:

Durations |

  • 1 - 7 days : Rp. 75,000
  • 8 - 15 days : Rp. 175,000
  • > 15 days : Rp. 300,000


Wink or "Wireless Internet & Network Connectivity Provider" is a provider which provide rental services and sell communication devices to make consumers able to communicate indefinitely with relatives or business relations abroad whenever and wherever.
The service or product solutions provided by WINK are:

  • Equipments of Rental MiFi WINK
  • Selling MiFi WINK device
  • providing daypass service in more than 100+ countries
No, WINK is not a communications service provider as Telco provider. WINK provides rental or sale of devices that can support communication abroad.

Therefore, WINK cooperates with operators spread in various countries.
  • The device is easy to operate
  • Does not need specific installation and configuration
  • Daypass service in an affordable price
  • Communication data security
  • Can be used in more than 100+ countries and will continue to grow over time
  • Can be used up to 5 users (for WINK MIFI devices)
  • The best signal quality
  • Unlimited data quota
  • 24-hour customer service
You can either send text, VoIP-based voice communication service, image sending, video capture, or browsing to social media interaction while abroad.
No, WINK can not be used in Indonesia
For more details about the available products and services, you can visit our digital platform at


Social Media Accounts You may contact our Sales Service at (021) 634 5855 at operating hours (8.30 - 17.00), or (0813-8333-1518)
WINK MiFi is a WiFi router device that serves as WiFi Hotspot, which packaged in a very simple design and small size that is very easy to be brought on your way abroad.

You can connect WINK MiFi to your laptop, tablet and mobile phone to the internet, anytime, anywhere, during your trip overseas. You will feel like being at home with full, fast and secure internet connectivity.
In general ... Yes, because Wink MIFI can accommodate up to 5 users who can use data quota without limitatation.
You will be charged dayPass which can be varied according to your country destination. Moreover, you will be charged Rental fee of the device and administration fee.

Rent Duration
Rental Costs
1 – 7 day
Rp 75.000 /unit
8 -15 day
Rp 175.000 /unit
> 15 day
Rp 300.000 /unit
Yes, of course you can have it by only Rp 1.199.000,-
You can already have 1 set of device consisting of router, USB Cable, and Pouch
It depends on how often you travel abroad. For your consideration please see table below

  • Does not need to invest / buy devices
  • Must place order & wait for device to send
  • Devices may not be available for the intended use period
  • Each rental will be charged Rental Fees & Administration Fee
  • Because the Device is self-owned, every want to use you just buy the Daily Data Package (Daypass) only
  • No need to pay Rent or Administration Fee
  • Getting a discount for Daily Data Plan purchases
  • Need to invest
Completeness you will receive include: WiFi Router WINK, pouch wallet, usb cable, and operating manual
Yes, the Usage Guide will be included inside on every starter kit to assist you in the operation of WINK MiFi
No, WINK MiFi is configured throughout destination country and does not require any installation
You can enjoy unlimited internet service that includes:
  1. Connectivity with friends and family at home, city, or other country via either messenger and even call via WhatsApp Call, Line or other applications
  2. easy to access the public internet network to just check your personal email (Especially if you are a Businessman who often travels)
  3. can access and exist in social media by sharing moment in any time along your journey
  4. help you to search for useful and important information for your trip, such as location & hours of operation of recreation place, public transportation, shuttle bus location, train station, etc
  5. Deliver images, video and sound connected to internet data
No, you can not use your own SIM Card into the Router, due to local data policies by local ISPs in the country to prevent abuse. This is the advantages of our Service – there is no installation and specific configuration. Practical and convenient and easy to use
Yes, Wink MiFi can be used in 3 countries (not more than 3 countries) on the same day. You are only charged Dailypass for only 1 country (the highest rate one)
You can place order in the following ways:
  1. Booking can be done in the website
  2. To avoid any delay in shipping, we advise you to place an order online at least H-3 before your departure
  3. Booking can be done with the following 3 steps:
    1. Orders: Inform your travel details including the date of departure, destination country / destination
    2. Filling in other informations such as: Description of the data themselves, how the process of taking and returning it
    3. Payments: Double check your fees and choose a payment method
Yes, you must put some bails as collateral and will be refunded to you in 3 working days(maximum) after we receive back the device
Rp 1.200.000,- /device
Bank transfers and all payment methods are available on the website
For reservations in less than 3 working days, please contact +62 813 8333 1518 or (021) 634 5855
WINK MiFi can be used in more than 100+ countries, the list of countries can be seen on the website
When the cruise ship is in the high seas then WINK MiFI can not be used
WINK MiFi may not be best used when it is used in high mountain areas, tunnels, remote islands, and underground
For the process of cancellation and alteration of data You can send email to and also inform to our Helpdesk at: +62 813 8333 1718
After you have made the booking process, you will receive a shipping confirmation email in details of how it was obtained
Here is the estimated delivery of MiFI WiNK

Jabodetabek: 3 Days

Non-Jabodetabek: 7 Days
  • Fast delivery will be charged according to applicable tariff from courier service
  • Time and delivery period can change at any time in accordance with applicable conditions
  • If there is any delay in delivery, it is not the responsibility of the WINK but the designated logistics services
The Wifi Mifi device will arrive at your place approximately in 2 business days before your departure day. For example, if your trip is January 10th. The router will be sent to your address on January 8th
  1. Disable: Mobile Data Usage

  2. Disable: Updates / updates automatically (to prevent excessive data consumption resulting in slowing connection speed)
  3. Turn on WINK MiFi, wait about 5 - 10 minutes, WINK MiFi will find the network to be connected to the internet
  4. Enable WiFi functionality on your mobile device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc)
  5. Find and select the network name (SSID) on the screen of your WINK MiFi router
  6. Enter the password into your mobile device
  7. Connect to the internet
Note: SSID and password are on the WINK MiFi monitor. The connection speed may vary depending on the network infrastructure in your destination country
Yes, as long as your device has WiFi, keep it connect to WINK MiFi. 4G refers to the local operator's connection speed that is routed when the user accesses the internet
Maximum 5 Mobile / Tab / Laptop devices can be connected to WINK MiFi
Wink MiFi can reach approximately 10 meters in radius without walls or buildings
The average battery life is approximately 12 hours, depending on the number of connected mobile / Tab / Lap Top devices, data consumption and signal strength conditions
Please contact us at +62813 8333 1718 or 021-634 5855, our Staff will arrange the return process
3 days after your arrival in Indonesia
Fine fee of Rp. 50.000 / day will be charged starting from the third day the device is not activated until the day the device is returned
In case of loss, you must replace the missing item. Here's the cost list:

Modem WINK MiFi Rp 1.200.000,-/unit
Pouch Rp 50.000,-/unit
USB Cable Rp 50.000,-/unit

If there is a damage, you shall bear the cost of repair, and if it can not be repaired, it shall replace with a value of Rp. 1.200.000,- /unit
The costs incurred for the delay or loss of WINK MiFi will be deducted from the security deposit
Fill the battery / charge modem for 30 minutes, then try again
contact our Technical support for help at 0813-8333-1718
  • Cause 1: the speed is limited, because the data quota used today has crossed the line, so the speed will be reduced to 200kbps
  • Cause 2: the signal is weak, try to move to another area of stronger signal
  • Cause 3: there are applications that are being updated, try to turn off automatic app update settings
  • Cause 4: You are in a country with low internet speeds, which can only be 128kbps
Press the power button for 15 seconds. If you still have problems, please Wink MiFi screen image and send to our Technical Support via WhatsApp at 0813-8333-1718
Call our Technical support for help at 0813-8333-1718